Some Call It Swimming

Some call it swimming, however yesterday I called it drowning.

My physiotherapist suggested that I should try swimming as a way to increase my fitness. Like all the exercises he gives me, he told me to stop when it starts to hurt and to limit my kicking and use a peanut (I will get to what the hell a peanut is in a moment). So like a good injured person, I went down to the local swimming pool and hopped right on in. I live in Australia so I am a rather good swimmer.

However everything changed when I tried to use the PEANUT!

The Bane of My Existence

A peanut is used to stop you from using your legs to kick while swimming. It is placed between the lower legs, and in order to keep it in place you must press your legs together.

My problem is the fact that I don’t have very much upper body strength. So being forced not to kick, and only using my arms to keep myself above water, is very difficult. It ended up being far more painful to use the peanut, because my arms started hurting.

It only lasted about 15 minutes. I didn’t want to look like an idiot, so I decided to stay in the pool and swim normally for another 45 minutes.

Big mistake.

Have I told you yet that I’m not someone who does things halfheartedly? ‘Go big or go home’ is the way I live my life. That’s actually how I got shin splints in the first place, fun fact.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the hour swimming and felt really good afterwards.

But today I woke up and everything hurts! Not in a fun – “I did good for me exercise” – but more like – “I directly disobeyed what my physio said to do, and now I hurt” kind of way.

Life Lessons: listen to my physio, and build up to 45 minute of swimming more slowly. Also, peanuts are stupid.


My First Physio Massage

I’d just like to point out one thing before I begin – I do not have a low pain tolerance. I have played soccer for many years, and I have had my fair share of hard tackles (one time a girl ripped a hole in my sock in a tackle), I have received hexagonal bruises all over my legs, and I have headed a ball kicked by the opposition goalie and ended up in hospital because I hurt my neck. Not once did I cry. I am one tough cookie.

But today… my physio made me cry!

He was massaging my shins and calves on both my legs, and I swear he must have hurt his shoulder from the pressure he was using. It was painful. But I knew that it would help my legs, so I pushed through the pain…. and only sobbed occasionally.

On a side note my legs are feeling really good at the moment – can’t for the life of me think why.