Soccer Carnival

Today I went to a soccer carnival with my team. We played three games. By ‘we’ I do mean ‘they’, but damn it soccer is a team sport and it takes a village to win a match. And we won all three games!

First game we won 3-1 and my sister scored the second goal, and I actually saw it happen! There is a long and steady tradition in my family of accidentally looking away when someone scores a goal, so my sister was very surprised when I saw it. I was also told off by one of my teammates’ daughters for yelling too loudly when we scored. Sorry, I’ll cheer more quietly next time… (no I won’t I’m a big ball of competitive energy that can’t contain happiness in the face of goal scoring).

Second game was a bit closer at 4-3. I hate close games because I get far too stressed out on the sidelines. I may be sitting in my incredibly comfortable foldout chair, but inside I am a massive ball of nerves that is slowly unraveling into a pile of anxious string.

Third and final game was great! We won 3-0 and only three of the opposition players abused the referee. Apparently the very obvious offside just was not offside, and gosh, how stupid must everyone else on the pitch feel for getting it so wrong? I mean seriously, the girl was about 5 meters in front of our last defender! Then when she was called offside by the lines-person she started having a go at the referee and the lines-person and everyone under the sun. I’m aggressive in a competitive fun way, whereas some people are aggressive in an aggressive way, and that is just not on.

Overall it was such an amazing day that nothing could ruin it. My sister scored a goal, I broke a generation-long curse on my family, we won all three games, and I did not get sun-burnt!

Happy Soccer Sunday everyone!


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