My First Physio Massage

I’d just like to point out one thing before I begin – I do not have a low pain tolerance. I have played soccer for many years, and I have had my fair share of hard tackles (one time a girl ripped a hole in my sock in a tackle), I have received hexagonal bruises all over my legs, and I have headed a ball kicked by the opposition goalie and ended up in hospital because I hurt my neck. Not once did I cry. I am one tough cookie.

But today… my physio made me cry!

He was massaging my shins and calves on both my legs, and I swear he must have hurt his shoulder from the pressure he was using. It was painful. But I knew that it would help my legs, so I pushed through the pain…. and only sobbed occasionally.

On a side note my legs are feeling really good at the moment – can’t for the life of me think why.


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